How to develop resilience?

How to develop resilience by moving homes and immigrating to Australia with my family. A key skill to develop in times of rapid change.


99% of all global business are SME

Sustainability becomes more and more import around the world as we are being faced with the effects of climate change. Alaska has temperatures 10 degrees warmer than ever before. China has had the most rainfall in a 1000 years. Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is flooded and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. …

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It all started with a moonshot – but how did it end

Friday March 5th 2021 I will be interview by Rutger Prent, co-founder of GoFastforward. It is a networking and coaching organisation for founders of Dutch Scale-ups. I will be sharing the highs, lows and lessons learned of my 18 years of entrepreneurship to date.

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