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Willem Overbosch: ” I like to think out of the box and break free of traditional thinking”


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Do you want to change your future?

Do you want to change your future? Join the global movement to solve futures literacy A global perspective on changing the future It is now the last quarter of 2021 and we now what a global pandemic looks like. Could we have imagined the global impact due to COVID-19. …

My Sustainable Development journey is my purpose

MY SIX YEAR SDG JOURNEY And how it still drives my behaviour today Celebrating six years of SDGs Today on September 25th 2021 we celebrate the 6th anniversary of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Today I also celebrate my sustainable development journey that started around that time. Driven by …

99% of all global business are SME

99% OF GLOBAL BUSINESSES ARE SMEs WHAT IS THEIR ROLE IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT? Sustainability becomes more and more import around the world as we are being faced with the effects of climate change. Alaska has temperatures 10 degrees warmer than ever before. China has had the most rainfall …



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