Stonepaper and the blue Economy

Last Saturday I had the honor to meet Professor Gunter Pauli at a local Rotary gathering in Purmerend. With my publishing company De Zaak, part of Dutch Network Group we published  a new pocket (small book) ‘Goed geregeld’  (Well aranged) in stonepaper. It’s about subjects an entrepreneur does not like to read about suchs as divorce, decease, disability and to stop working. Stonepaper is a unique product produced in China without the use of water or trees. It’s CO2 footprint is only a quarter of usual paper and can be recycled 500 times.

Watch this great TedX Maastricht performance where he explains stonepaper


I presented the pocket together with Leen Zevenbergen (middle) to Gunter Pauli (on the right)

Stonepaper Goed Geregeld overhandigde aan Gunter Pauli